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ABOUT Oswestry Photographic Society

About the Oswestry Photographic Society


Oswestry Photographic Society was founded more than 50 years ago as a meeting place for people with an interest in photography.  It sill has the same philosophy but has moved into the digital age and welcomes all photographers, whether beginners seeking to improve their techniques or experts looking to share their enthusiasm and meet like-minded people.


We meet every other Thursday through the winter and our meetings comprise a mixture of lectures, competitions and less formal evenings. See the program page for details of the current season.


You can see the type of work done by current members under the Portfolios tab, and winners of recent competitions under the Competitions tab.


Information about competition rules and general club rules can be found under the Documents tab.


The Society also has a group on Flickr, which is used to show our latest pictures and to communicate between meetings, sometimes arranging group outings at weekends and on summer evenings. We can also be found on Facebook searching for Oswestryphotography


For further information contact us via the contacts page on this website or on social media searching for oswestryphotography.

If you are thinking of joining us you would be welcome to come along free to any of our meetings and try us out. The membership fee is £25.00 per year, or £12.50 per year for students and junior members, with a £2.00 charge for meetings.

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